AZ ORIGINAL HIDDEN TREASURES ESTATE SALE AT   Address of Sale :    2507 E Golden Mesa 85213 

Az Original Hidden Treasures
Phone:     (602) 277-9028
Phone:     (602) 279-6522
Phone:     (602) 371-3781
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Cross Street Information :  
If you are close to Burns and 99th Ave, then look for our bright yellow signs
Sale Dates and Times  :  Aug  21 thru 23

Terms and Conditions:

We accept cash, checks, and credit cards. Although we usually stock enough packaging material on hand, it would be helpful to bring some with you. Please keep your children with you at all times as there are always lots of small breakables. It is important that purchased items are taken into possession  by the end of the weekend. See You There!

Here are Some Previews of the Sale (short)

This is a Great Sale, Don't Miss.

- Wanda & Harriet -

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